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Tony Cunnane's Afterthoughts
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Written on 29 June 2019

Just as we are being promised a heatwave this coming weekend with temperatures in West Yorkshire likely to go into the mid-35°sC, and I am about to watch the ICC World Cup Cricket championship game between Australia and New Zealand, I came across the following pages from my diary for this date in 1953, 66 years ago, when I was temporarily working for the West Riding County Council Motor Licensing Department awaiting the call-up for my National Service.

To save you looking it up: 86°F = 30°C and 89°F = 31.6°C

The 2nd England-Australia Test Match dragged on. The Aussies were all out for 363 and England ended the third day with a first innings lead of 26 (Len Hutton of Yorkshire made 145). No play on Sundays in those days. On Monday 29 June 1955 I struggled at work with a nagging headache brought on by the continuous high, humid conditions. On 30 June England had made 280 for 6 by the end of play and so the game was drawn. (Willie Watson of Yorkshire had made 109 and Trevor Bailey 70-odd.)

PS. Due to a family squabble, we never did get the money promised to us from the deceased aunt - none of us in our side of the family knew who she was anyway!!

Must stop there as the National Anthems are being played before the start of today's Aus-NV match.

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